T.E.C. Pillars


Renewable energy, better internet access and possible systems for raising coastal elevation or armoring the shoreline.


Partnerships for prosperous and sustainable business initiatives at local and national scales.


Education, training, health and maintaining cultural heritage.

Pacific Rising: A Climate Change 'Marshall Plan' to Ensure Safety, Stability and Prosperity

Pacific Rising will work on three fronts to preserve the lives, livelihoods and cultures of the Pacific—creating blue and green innovation networks—to fortify and strengthen technology, economic growth, and cultural preservation of each nation.

Every country will set its own priorities for the Pacific Rising T.E.C pillars based on the unique circumstances, preferences, and opportunities of its nation.

History shows that ambitious efforts work most effectively if learning and best practices can be applied throughout. Kiribati will lead Pacific Rising’s initial efforts, followed in a phased approach by the coalition of atoll nations, and ultimately by other Pacific nations.