Christine Greene

Cultural Ambassador

Christine Greene was born in the Central Pacific on Tarawa, one of the GilbertIslands in Micronesia. Her first memory was floating along the edge of an island lush with coconut trees, and a sparkling blue-green ocean teeming with fish, dolphins, sea turtles, and iridescent corals. These memories have served as her lifelong inspiration in most of her professional endeavors. Christine’s homeland was a British Colony at the time of her birth and is now the Sovereign Republic of Kiribati, which is the largest atoll nation on the planet. Her early career in modeling and advertising photography took her throughout the world, where she gained a global view of culture, language, business, and the need to conserve the ocean that she loves so dearly.

Christine believes, as Jacques Cousteau once said: “When the coral reefs die, the oceans will die.” SeaGreene therefore aims to form new economies to develop sustainable solutions to pressing issues of the largest ocean and its communities— the Pacific Oceanscape.

Christine is Honorary Counsel to the United States for the Sovereign Republic of Kiribati, a Marine Conservation Fellow for Conservation International, and the Cultural Ambassador to the Phoenix Islands Protected Area Trust. Along with these roles,Christine has founded SeaGreene, an organization whose mission is to conserve the ocean and Kiribati, one of the first nations predicted to have its islands consumed by rising sea levels caused by global climate change. In 2014, Christine became a member of the Kiribati delegations to the U.S. State Department Oceans summit, the UN meeting on
Small Island Developing States held in Apia, Samoa, the World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia.

She now resides in the Pacific Palisades, California- on a different shore in a different country, but still touching the same ocean as where she was born. She currently runs a successful business designing jewelry with an exclusive line inspired by the ocean of her childhood home—Kiribati—and worn by First Ladies, movie stars, and other clients drawn to the elegant beauty of her pieces.