Kiribati Rising


Kiribati Rising - example

Broaden high-speed Internet access across Kiribati—for people, businesses and the government

Expand monitoring and surveillance of important tuna resources

Evaluate and implement the safest island-building technologies— including floating architecture and structural engineering for securing sea walls

Safeguard limited freshwater resources and implement new technologies to support Kiribati’s heavily populated capital and its outer islands by 2017

Adopt/train/implement a comprehensive portfolio of disaster preparedness tools and technologies

Transition to 100% renewable and green energy sources by 2025


Kiribati Rising - example

Secure Kiribati’s Maritime Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZs) rights in perpetuity

Build the core infrastructure and private sector partnerships to support a vibrant tourism industry

Build a network of ‘natural capital’ ventures to encourage the sustainable development of innovative revenue streams — new medicines, coral reef restoration, marine scientific research, etc.

Develop world-class, environmentally safe mineral and mining industries

Create a global trade platform for local artisan craft items/ industries


Kiribati Rising - example

Preserve and expand Kiribati’s rich cultural identity, heritage and knowledge through education, technology, and development of diaspora ‘blueprints’ for migration nations 

Provide higher education and training in climate adaptation, technology and business skills to 30,000 Kiribati residents 

Double the number of hospital and clinic facilities and train 10% of the population to provide the highest standards of delivery 

Implement a secure and equitable visa process for all Kiribati residents with partner nations