Coalition of Low-Lying Atoll Nations

Marshall Islands

Pacific Rising Supports the Coalition of Low-Lying Atoll Nations

The Coalition of Low Lying Atoll Nations on Climate Change (CANCC), describe themselves as being on 'the frontline of climate change and the early warning system' for the global community. Participating countries includes the nations of Kiribati, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Tokelau and Tuvalu. These nations will be the first focus of Pacific Rising.

They have joined forces to focus global attention on the plight of their people, as these atoll nations are barely three meters above sea-water level. Pacific Rising's first priority is to support CANCC, an open coalition inclusive of potential atoll islands and will include country and development partners genuinely interested in supporting their cause.

CANCC presents a whole new security challenge that the world must address--- bringing new meaning to 'human rights' and the right to a safe, secure future. These nations are united in believing that climate change has raised a new dimension to the right to clean drinking water, the right to education and the right to survive.